Major Accomplishments

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As the Director of Research at DIRAmed I directed the work of scientists and engineers in the application of the methods of Raman spectroscopy to the noninvasive determination of glucose.

As Laboratory Director at LithChem International I built the laboratory and was responsible for day to day operation and quality assurance within the organization.  I determined and implemented laboratory policies and procedures.  I was also responsible for process chemistries and development and implementation of new products and processes.  

As a member of the staff at the Edison Welding Institute I provided technical leadership in a well-defined technical area that is in the current or projected mainstream of EWI. I engaged actively in outstanding research in those areas and developed a growing national or international reputation. I made substantive contributions to planning and executing marketing and project development activities in the area of polymer joining and demonstrate initiative in conceiving ideas for projects. I was instrumental in acquiring support and guiding the technical efforts of three to five technical personnel.  I had extensive experience in the statistical design of experiments and analysis and modeling in addition to knowledge of the ISO 9000 series of documents.  I have been the principle investigator in a U. S. Air Force major program for the repair of thermoplastic aircraft structures.

As Manager of Chemical Services at Nuclear Consulting Services, Inc., I was Director of Research and Development, managed the Analytical Laboratory, and had the management responsibility for the company radioisotope laboratory. I administered an annual budget of close to one million dollars.

As a Senior Research Associate at Franklin International (formerly Franklin Chemical Industries) I carried out studies in the emulsion polymerization of cross linking poly(vinyl acetate) terpolymers. Involved in the formulation and testing of adhesives. Responsible for research into new materials for use as adhesives. As Manager of the Adhesives and Sealants Laboratory, I was responsible for the management of research and development in those areas and administered an annual budget in excess of $250,000.

Carried out research on passive solar energy storage systems as member of the professional staff of the University of Dayton Research Institute.

Conducted research on the processing and performance properties of new high temperature performance composite matrix materials, while a Visiting Scientist at the Air Force Materials Laboratory.

Established and managed a Thermal Analysis Laboratory. Responsible for the procurement, operation, and maintenance of equipment, design of experiments, and
direction of laboratory technician. Applied the techniques of thermal analysis to the study of epoxides, imides, and urethanes in addition to composite materials and monomers.

Developed computer evaluation and statistical analysis methods for thermal analysis techniques employing micro , mini , and mainframe computers programmed in Basic, Pascal, Fortran, and SAS.

Developed new matrix polymers for high performance composite materials for aerospace.  Studied the effect of polymer composition on reactivity.

Investigated the chemical changes occurring in the manufacture of carbon fiber from poly(acrylonitrile). Developed methods for reducing the processing time by 65%.
Demonstrated that the conversion reactions are three dimensional diffusion controlled.

Investigated the catalyzed oxidation of carbon/carbon composites. Determined the effect of atmosphere on the oxidation of composites.

Developed techniques for following the in mold curing of compression molded polymers. Applied the techniques to the study of the effect of catalysts on the reactivity of the systems.

Carried out research in the fire performance of polymers. Investigated the use of combinations of small scale laboratory tests for the prediction of material performance in large fires.

Served as a team leader of multi disciplinary teams.

Served as a corporate consultant in organic and polymer chemistry.

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