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I am a Consultant in Chemistry, Material Science and Biomedical development.

My recent experience includes:

I have been Director of Research at DIRAmed LLC.  DIRAmed LLC was created to capitalize on an innovative platform technology in the medical diagnostic industry.  With DIRAmed’s technology a device that performs totally non-invasive assays of blood chemistries appears feasible.  Using proprietary analysis techniques DIRAmed expects to overcome obstacles to previous attempts at developing spectroscopic based non-invasive instruments.

I am a Research Scientist with experience in Organic and Polymer Chemistry and in the Thermal Analysis of materials. I have extensive experience in the application of computers to the aspects of my work.  I am carrying out computational work in the area of structure-property relationships.    

I am experienced in polymers and adhesives and joining technology.  

I have been a member of the Adjunct Faculty of the Department of Biological and Physical Sciences at Columbus State Community College where I taught General and Organic Chemistry.

I have been a  Senior Research Scientist at iMEDD, Inc in Columbus, OH. iMEDD is an early stage biomedical company dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of people with serious chronic illnesses through the development of advanced drug delivery systems based on proprietary microengineering technologies.  I was responsible for the development and application of surface modifications for the drug delivery systems.

My prior position was as  Manager of Scientific Services at PharmaForce, Inc.  I was responsible for development of a major series of pharmaceutical products.  I was also responsible for the corporate Calibration and Preventative Maintenance Program.  I am experienced in analytical method development and validation and GMP/GLP laboratory operations and have knowledge of FDA and OSHA requirements

I was the Laboratory Director at LithChem International, a chemical manufacturer in central hio.  My duties included both quality control and quality assurance for the facility and new product and process development.

.My experience, prior to LithChem International was as a Senior Research Scientist at the METSS Corporation where I was involved in several development projects, one of which generated over $800,000 of revenue.

I have been an independent contractor at The Chemical Abstracts Service where I was    involved in the development of SciFinder.  

I was a Manager at Triangle Laboratories of Columbus, Inc., a member of the Triangle Laboratories which specialize in Environmental Chemistry.  The Columbus Laboratory  specialized in air, water and agricultural chemistry.  My duties included the management of projects in gas chromatography and high pressure liquid chromatography, as well as oversight of laboratory operations.  In addition, I was involved in business planning.  The Columbus Triangle Laboratories is no longer in business.

My experience, prior to Triangle Laboratories, was as a Senior Research Engineer at the Edison Welding Institute here in Columbus. As a senior member of the technical staff I had esponsibility for the management and conduct of Research and Development in the joining of Polymers.

I have experience as Manager of Chemical Services for Nuclear Consulting Services, Inc. I had responsibility for Research and Development, Analytical Chemistry, and the Radioisotope Laboratory.

I have experience directing research in emulsion polymerization and adhesives.

I have carried out research in monomer synthesis and polymerization and the characterization of polymers in addition to experience in computer assisted chemistry and modeling of solid state reactions.  

I also have experience as a college chemistry professor.

I am familiar with contract research and development.  As a graduate of the U. S. Army Command and General Staff College and the U. S. Army War College I have knowledge of the federal government budget process. 

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